sudzy_baby (sudzy_baby) wrote in likeomgsex,

subway groping roleplay transcript

i'm crossposting and old subway groping roleplay transcript of ours because Karen's enjoying the comments... happy reading!

sudzy_baby: You had just gotten on the subway it is packed and you push as hard as possible in order to get into the car. You are wearing a mini-mini-skirt and a blouse; no underwear, as always, but a bra, very light, which didn't hide much of your chestYou climbed into a car and was pushed toward the back by all the people who wanted to get on behind you; everybody packed like sardines in a can as the door closes. Your arms were trapped against the length of my body and could not make the slightest movement, held fast in front, behind, to the right and the left by other passengers. You were almost against the back door of the car; and there was only one other person, behind your back, between the door and you. Suddenly, you sense a hand behind you, being placed on your ass
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