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1.)Name: madison
4.)Sexuality:i love the boys
5.)How much do you like sex? way too much


*Show us at least 2 kinky pictures of ANYTHING:
*If you have a picture of yourself, post it:


~Do you like cyber sex? back in the day i did now i prefer the real thing
~Are you a virgin? no
~What's your favorite sex toy? my vibrator...ohh its nice

*Story Time*

¦Tell us the BEST sex story you've heard... or just make a good one up:
score!! i rather enjoy writing sex stories...i had a dream about this one and i decided to write it soon after
btw-this isnt related to me at all

My Dad's a minister. And I'm not the type of kid who got wild and
crazy when I became a teenager. I kept being the good kid. Everyone
knew that I would never have sex before I got married. Everybody knew
that I would probably kick a guy in the nuts before I would ever even
let him kiss me!

But then I went to college. I didn't go nuts with wild drinking or
anything. Matter of fact, I was still the good kid. A lot of people
didn't think I did anything wrong. But the fact of the matter is that I
began to have fantasies. About doing wrong. Anything wrong, really.
Drink. Smoke. Party. Sex.

I had a boyfriend. He was 23. I don't think he thought about sex even
once during our relationship. Everyone at work wanted to take me out
and get me drunk. I didn't really have any reason not to except that I
couldn't figure out how not to get caught. So I didn't.

I left school to pay off all of the debts I had amassed while there. But
not without getting a new boyfriend. He was just about everything to
me. He was beautiful, as men go. He was dark, muscular, and amusing.

We started talking on the phone soon after I left college. Our romance
grew until we decided it was time for me to meet his family. I was to
spend two weeks in Minnesota and Iowa with him and three or four days
of it meeting his parents and his three brothers.

We came back to Minnesota the day after Christmas. Everything had been
so romantic up to that point. We went to the Mall of America, we saw
some movies, and just shopped. We had a great time together. Two nights
before I was to return home, we were watching a movie in his living
room. We both fell asleep on the couch, I was wrapped in his arms. I
woke when the movie ended to find him watching me. We had rolled off of
the couch onto the floor.

He was rotated to where he could rub my feet, in a sort of 69 position.
I saw his stomach was exposed and reached to touch it. It was warm and
soft. I caressed his stomach for some time, and slowly moved to the
waistband on his sweatpants. He drew his breath in sharply, which I
took to mean he was enjoying my treatment. Not sure what to do next, I
just played with his waistband for a little while. Apparently, he soon
got bored with what I was doing because he lifted his waistband and
guided my hand into his pants.

Blushing, I did as he silently asked and felt around for his penis,
which was rather stiff. It was my turn to gasp! He felt huge in my
hand. His hardened member was longer than the length of my hand, and
my hands aren't exactly short! He was also a good four inches around.
Amazing, I thought. I never had given a lot of thought to his size
before, but if I had, I certainly would not have been disappointed!

Soon I wanted better access to what was being offered me, so I slid his
pants down to his ankles, providing my first live look at a naked man.
I liked what I saw, but not as much as what I'd been feeling. I stroked
the warm flesh in my hand for what seemed like forever when I thought
that maybe I should try another form of stimulation. I knew that
eventually he was supposed to cum, and I couldn't see how my hand alone
would make that happen. Well, the next closest thing was my mouth. I
didn't know how clean he was, so I thought that I would start by
blowing on him. So while I stroked him with my hand, I also breathed
hot, warm air on him.

I was startled when he reached down and took my breast into his hand. My
42Ds are rather sensitive to the touch. I enjoyed the feeling of his
hand on my breast so much, I thought I should do something to show my
appreciation. So I stuck my mouth on his penis. I opened my mouth as
far as I could, and stuck his penis all the way in until I gagged on
it. Tasted good, though. I wondered what I'd been missing all these
years! I was nineteen years old, hadn't even kissed a boy before, and
here I was sucking on this rather large piece of man-meat! And loving

He indicated to me that I should suck on him and use my hand to move up
and down him at the same time. I did it as gently as I could, and with
gusto. I felt so good. Soon he arched his back and began to spurt
streams of jism into my mouth. I didn't know what else to do- I didn't
want to hurt his feelings, so I swallowed it.

More to come...
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