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1.)Name: *Samantha*
2.)Age: im 17 years old =)
3.)Sex: female
4.)Sexuality: Bi sexual
5.)How much do you like sex? like omg a little too much. I thought i wasnt normal but i guess this community is for fellow fuckers like me <3


*Show us at least 2 kinky pictures of ANYTHING:

see? the sims fuck too kiddies!

hmmm kinda sexy? lol

hmm us drunk

*If you have a picture of yourself, post it:


~Do you like cyber sex? use ur imagination and its a fanasty forfiller...
~Are you a virgin? would a virgin join a sex community? lol...hell no i aint
~What's your favorite sex toy? a boys penis? a girls tongue? my right hand? anything that makes me moan is my

*Story Time*

¦Tell us the BEST sex story you've heard... or just make a good one up: true story :Probely my first bisexual experience. i was goin out wit my boyfriend at the time, and my best friend came over with me to his house. we were watchin movies and then started to watch porno. well it started to turn me on. she started to caress my hand and shit so i start to touch her inner theigh. Soon enough he left the room, and she just starts to make out with me and it was so intense. I pull her shirt over her head and start to lick her tits and she start to pull my hair (that turns me on) so she ran her finger down my jeans and open them and started to play with my clit. i was moaning like a basterd..she then whent down on my and had a tongue ring to top it off.oh it felt so boyfriend comes in at the point and we bascially sat him and he watched us eat each other out and shit.we were so into it and whenever we moaned, he would touch himself and moan soon enough, he got in on the action. OOOO the memories :) lol...sorry for all the
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