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1.)Name: Helena Kathryn Cole
2.)Age: 20
3.)Sex: yes please. oh sorry female
4.)Sexuality: Bisexual
5.)How much do you like sex? SO so so so so soooo much. 10 times a day much.



Sex in a picture.


~Do you like cyber sex? yes when it's with someone imaginative!
~Are you a virgin? No darling
~What's your favorite sex toy? the rampant rabbit from AnnSummers

*Story Time*

¦Tell us the BEST sex story you've heard... or just make a good one up:

I was staying at my friends house all weekend and we both fancied each other. One night she pulled me in the bathroom and kissed me.. it was well nice... and I was so turned on. Then we watched a film. I was stroking her hair and kissing her neck.. playing with her hands and she was touching my inner thighs. Then we got heavier.. I started caressing her breasts and she my pussy. Hmm it felt good. I slid my fingers into her knickers and started rubbing her clit. She was so wet. I made her cum in about 2 mintues.. but we didn't stop there. We had chocolate fondue and she has a big double bed so we moved to the bedroom and started to undress each other.... She was the 1st women I have been with, and it was intense. Sh e started kissing my nipples and touching me all over. She was so soft and warm and her body was firm and soft. She went between my legs and started kissing my thighs.. moving up to my clit. She was licking all over my pussy, probing her tongue deep into it. It felt to good and I was so wet.. . she started using her fingers and then got the vibrator out too. The sensation was amazing. So powerful and electrifying. I went down on her too and we gradually came together. It was sooo good. ... I def recommend to any woman out there to try it with another woman at least once.

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its nice to see that we have a new person here... other than people that we have on our friends pages...

if you have a more clear picture of yourself, could you post it in a comment for me?

but other than the picture and me not being able to see what you look like, i like your application, and if you have suggestions for questions on the app, please share.

im going to say yes
cheers babe. i will post some more pics when i have a spare minute. I just got offered jobs by 15 modelling agencies.. HA HA HA I am still in shock x
well i am in consieration but the new requirement is topless pictures so please show posthaste before i can make a final decision :>
yes, darling :)
thanks sweety!

Deleted comment

can i promote my own community in this one? i will promote this comm in mine too.

its for ladies who like ladies in any shape or form.
go for it :)
well since both the mods said yes...

title or description