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well the mods felt like we should fill out an application so you know a little bit about us

"Mod application">



1.)Name: Candace and Stephanie (the mods)
2.)Age: 16
3.)Sex: Female
4.)Sexuality: well i (candace) here likes boys and the other fucker here (stef) likes girls
5.)How much do you like sex? THIS MUCH


*Show us at least 2 kinky pictures of ANYTHING:


*If you have a picture of yourself, post it:


~Do you like cyber sex? only when it's really late and a Tuesday night
~Are you a virgin? yes we are
~What's your favorite sex toy? Candace's cell phone

*Story Time*

¦ Tell us the BEST sex story you've heard... or just make a good one up:

So this is what happened when Meg spent the night at my house with Sophie.

Before you read this, make sure

-You have lots of time
-You're horny, or plan to be, or want to be :-P
-You're fully prepared in case of an emergency jill-off
-You've read this (that one's the most important)

Ok, so I'm just trying to build up the excitement by BS-ing until you get pissed off. Dum de dummm. I think I'll go read the paper. DId you hear about the privately owned space ship? neaaato! (lol, I can totally see Yasmine going, "Dammit Angie get on with it already!!")

alrighty then. make sure you read that link up there.

so, while I was typing up that last entry, wearing only a big t-shirt, sophie and meg were making out hard on my bed. The nerve! she makes me wait FOREVER for her to get home, horny as all heaven, and then SHE jumps on meg! People these days...

I went over there, jokingly pushed sophie out of the way, and got onto the bed. meg and I looked at each other and smiled. we'd both wanted to do this for so long! i scooted over to her, feeling allll tingly. I lowered myself on top of her, she put her arms around me, and i was going nuts in my head. I closed my eyes and went in for the kill. her lips were perrrrfect. I rubbed my nose across her cheek... when I felt her tongue for the first time, I had goosebumps all over. I was getting into it, until I started wondering why sophie wasn't gettin in on the action. I looked over at her and she said, "should I go get some toys?"

damn woman, hell yes go get some toys!!

sophie said we didnt have to wait for her, but we weren't allowed to come until she got back. fair enough.

so sophie left. she wouldn't be back for another half hour , I guessed, but it would be worth it. Meg and I resumed making out.

our big t-shirts eventually crawled up our bodies and we decided to take them off.

meg was so sexy. i noticed she left a small patch of pubic hair unshaved, exactly like me! (how do you ladies keep your hair?)

we cuddled and kissed. I explored her mouth and squeezed her squeezable body. we rolled around in the bed sheets for a while, and then i reached down to caress her inner thighs. she really liked this. i kissed her, kissed her chest, her stomach, moving down, kissed her patch, and stopped. I looked at her face. she was glowing, breathing heavily, wanting it more than anything.

i breathed in her warm scent. her vulva was wet, puffy, and beautiful.

I closed my eyes and put my lips on her. she was shaky. how cute. i gave her a long, slow, dry kiss. She was really really wet, which caused my nose and lips to get a little wet. I did it again, and again, getting her as aroused as possible. Her clitty poked out of its hood. I slowly moved my hand between her legs and ran my finger down her slit. she kept moving her legs around, i could tell she was really tense. i started kissing her vulva more aggressively and rubbing her pubic hair with my hand. she was reallly liking this. I heard the most beautiful, delicate, quiet moan and finally touched her with my tongue. that was too much for her. she jumped and gasped. she was embarrassed, so cute. maybe she wasnt quite ready for the tongue yet. then, sophie walked in. she was about 10 minutes early. wow, she must have driven reallly fast, heh. she had the toys in her sweater, wrapped up in a ball. she put them down and rushed towards the bathroom and said she'd be right back she just has to take a quick shower. (by this she meant she had to clean herself out for bum play.) ah! i had totally forgotten about that! I asked meg if she wanted to clean herself out..she said no, it's ok. oh well, we could still touch, but not necessarily enter. with sophie, on the other hand....

with the mood interrupted, i sat up and went to look at the toys she had brought. i was totally surprised and excited to see she had actually went and bought new ones, and also brought hers. she musta driven REALLY fast.

the goods: 1 bottle of lube, 2 double-ended dildos (omg), one of those tiny vibes youre supposed to hide in your purse, her strap-on, the cloth belts we use to tie each other up, and her trusty vibrating dildo.


Meg and I started making out again. i got on top of her, and she reached down and squeezed my butt with her hands, while i held her face with my hands and kissed her. she wrapped her legs around me and i started humping her. this was getting really hot when sophie came out of the shower, wearing only boyshorts, and climbed into bed with us. i kinda scooted over, still on top of meg, and sophie moved in next to me. sophie and i were quietly thrilled that this worked since meg was a big girl. she had no idea that sophie and I already had plans for her. we had talked about this before, and now was the perfect time to execute it.

i licked her face while sophie lowered herself, playing with meg's breasts.
meg couldnt keep up, she was breathing hard, excited like a little kid, hands moving from me to sophie and back....
I licked her neck and sophie moved down even lower.

I felt megan's legs wrap around my body. jackpot. i spread my legs inside and tucked them underneath hers, making her spread even more.

this gave sophie total access to both of our parts. she must have begun the kissing, because meg was squirming uncontrollably and saying 'oh god...'

i felt sophie tap me on my leg, and i looked back at her. she pointed at the toys. I grabbed one of the dildos and handed it her. i looked back at meg, kissed her, then heard her moan. good one sophie.

i wanted sophie to touch me so badly. meg and i fit perfectly together, humping each other, kissing, moaning... i could tell meg was close. she was getting reallll close... which means sophie hadnt started licking her clit, because if she had, meg woulda come already.

and then sophie started licking her clit. and then meg started coming.
i loved it loved it loved it. that moment when a girl loses her cool, loses control, can't control her facial expressions, shows her true raw emotion... meg shut her eyes really hard and opened her mouth wide. then sophie struck the final blow, and meg started convulsing. i worked her neck and collar bone with my tongue while she came, kicking her feet and digging her nails into my back.

we kept working her for a good five minutes after her orgasm, and she was having those post-orgasmic spasms every once in a while. Eventually I got off of her and rolled over, only to be pounced on by my love sophie. she wasted no time. we were fucking all over the place while meg rested. we even fell off the bed and kept going on the floor.

i was in that savage animal sex adrenaline rush. i squeezed my legs around her as hard as i could. then she started getting up, and i didn't let her. she pushed me (we are never mad at each other, playing rough turns us on) down and climbed over the bed and meg. i followed her. she grabbed her strap-on, put it on, and jumped on me (literally). still on the bed, she shoved me on my back and started fucking me. fucking me hard and fast. i was so fucking hot, i needed more, needed it deeper. i grabbed her ass and pulled her in as much as i could. then she pushed herself away and grabbed me by my shoulders, then flipped me over. ooohhh goddd. she wrapped her right arm around my neck, used her other hand on my clit, and fucked me from behind. i had no control over what was going on, i just knew i was gonna come real soon.
then, all of a sudden sophie flips BOTH of us over, so we're on our backs, and im on top of her, her hand still working my clit. i spread my legs, and saw meg moving towards me. she moved on top of me and started kissing all over my body. sophie started fucking me again. holllllllllllllly shit. i was moaning, the room moving in circles.

i got hit hard by an intense orgasmic wave, and screamed out. sophie stuck her tongue in my ear, fucked me, and worked my clit all at the same time. meg licked my stomach, tits, and mouth. i came for what seemed like minutes.

sophie slowed down, but never stopped. i was in heaven. she hugged me, and kept slowly moving in and out of me. i hugged meg. i was drifting off......when sophie started up again, and fucked my brains out, once again. this time meg was on top of us and humped me. i was ECSTATIC. i think that time sophie came (the strap-on rubs the clit of the girl wearing it).

after that, we took a break. i felt like having some yogurt, so i went to get some. lol, bad idea.

before i could swallow any, sophie took the spoon out of my mouth and tried to eat the yogurt from my mouth. ah, i shoulda known. sophie LOVES doing kinky stuff like that. of course, this only resulted in spilling yogurt all over my boobs. and this, of course, could have turned into a kinky licking-yogurt-off-each-other moment. but i wanted to save my yogurt for later. lol...sorry ladies!! :-(

we had a whole night ahead of us....and i haven't even gotten to the part where I made sophie ejaculate. ::smiles proudly:: but i dun wanna give it to you all at once...this way it's more exciting.

To be Continued......

i just dont know, but i think me and stef have the best sex story

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