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1.)Name: You can call me Jenna Jameson. (Or Cassie, whichever you prefer.)
2.)Age: Barely legal. (Or 16.)
3.)Sex: Female.
4.)Sexuality: The closest thing I come to is bisexual, but it really just depends on my mood and who I'm talking to.
5.)How much do you like sex? Well, I like masturbation. Don't know about this "sex" though I've heard it's good after the first 100 times.


*Show us at least 2 kinky pictures of ANYTHING:
See my LJ icon, please.
Anime. Copy-paste the link to view.
*If you have a picture of yourself, post it:

Because I'm a hot mofo.


~Do you like cyber sex? What kind of question is that? OF COURSE I do. Cyber Sex is like second cousin to me, only a little less related and treats me like a queen.
~Are you a virgin? Unfortunately.
~What's your favorite sex toy? The real thing? I don't know. Flashlights come in handy if you don't have a dildo. Hahahaha. Ask someone who can afford/has access to one.

*Story Time*

Tell us the BEST sex story you've heard... or just make a good one up: Can I skip this? Please? Can I just give you guys a link to porn? I'm really not good at stories...and I can't make one up either because I've heard nothing good about sex. Except my best friend says she screams when she orgasms...but that's not a story.

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