Megan Louise (winged_me) wrote in likeomgsex,
Megan Louise


1.)Name: Megan
2.)Age: 14
3.)Sex: female
4.)Sexuality: ...
5.)How much do you like sex? oh so much baby :-p


*Show us at least 2 kinky pictures of ANYTHING:

*If you have a picture of yourself, post it:


~Do you like cyber sex? sure
~Are you a virgin? yup
~What's your favorite sex toy?...

*Story Time*

¦Tell us the BEST sex story you've heard... or just make a good one up:

go to

even if it is lesbian, these ppl can write!

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you KNOW your favorite sex toy is MY cell phone

even though you might feel uncomfortable with your sister in here, im gonna say yes
idc for real
vote and promote as well