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1.)Name: kerrie
2.)Age: 16
3.)Sex: female..wo0op
4.)Sexuality: bi-sex-u-al :oP
5.)How much do you like sex? *shrugs* guess i wouldn't know bc i havnt had it :oP


*Show us at least 2 kinky pictures of ANYTHING:

gotta be able to keep ones hands out of the way of things XD

incase of behavioral probs. XD :oP

*If you have a picture of yourself, post it:


~Do you like cyber sex? no
~Are you a virgin? yeap
~What's your favorite sex toy? -----

*Story Time*

Tell us the BEST sex story you've heard... or just make a good one up:

lmfao0o ideffink...hah..my friend suggests goin to allme.com for sex stories.. lol hav fun

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